Eat a new food every type of day. It doesn't have to be exotic, it doesn't have to be bizarre, it just needs to be something you have not tried before. Try to eat dishes with basic ingredients you haven't sampled before, produce you've not even heard of, and cuisine from cultures you haven't experienced.
Simply sample a new food you've never tried before.


It's an odd trend in liberal society to consider restrictive diets englightened, willfully avoiding the cuisine of other cultures. As we grow up, our palette becomes more and more distilled, gradually eliminating all but a few things. In most developed countries, however, we are surrounded by the cuisine of other cultures. Experience the delicacies and fine cuisine of dozens of other countries is one of the simplest challenges you can tackle!

Bonus points!

Share with friends! One of the biggest joys of eating in every culture is sharing the experience. All new experiences should be bonding, but the act of stopping, sitting, and sharing a feast with friends, new and old, is a time honored tradition. Years from now, you may remember that awful meal you had thanks to this website, and laugh about it with friends forged in the experience.

While you're at it, keep up with the previous challenges. Can you meet new people pursuing new foods? Eat and shop at new places nearby? Have you kept up that new skill?

A Mild Word of Warning

Food allergies do exist. Luckily, MOST allergies are simply intolerances, and you aren't going to go into anaphylactic shock and die from trying a new thing. There are two exceptions:
  • Peanuts
  • Shellfish
If you're old enough to read this, you've probably already figured out if you are allergic to one of these two. If you are, you will probably die if you try eating them. Don't try eating them. This doesn't come as a surprise. For the rest of you, you may find some exotic foods don't settle well, but I think you'll be shocked to find most do.


Cook for me please. I'm so very, very hungry, and tragically bachelor-esque.

Resources: - Find out how to cook practically ANYTHING!
Exotic Meats and More! - For the culinary adventurers, order rare and exotic foodstuffs. This site seems to specialize in game meat, including kangaroo, rattlesnake, lion, alligator, and bear.
10 Most Exotic Fruits - Can you eat all of these? I bet your local supermarket has
every one. I plan on trying!

On to one of my favorite past-times-  seeking and eating out adventurous food.  I like to call this “oral skydiving”, because approached from the right perspective, trying new foods can be every bit the adrenaline-pumping rush of a death-defying jump into the stratosphere.  As an intro to June’s challenge, I wanted to give a list of insane foods I’ve already eaten, and a list of foods I’ve yet to eat but hope to this month.

Things I’ve eaten:

Miracle berries

This is a real term for a surprisingly real thing.  Chew on one of these berries for a few minutes, and your taste buds will actually alter-  suddenly your sweet receptors register a much wider range of stimulus as “sweet”.  I had some freeze dried berries, which you can order at, and then spent one fateful evening devouring lemons, soy sauce, and pretty much any normally inedible foodstuff I could find.  I awoke to find my mouth covered in oral ulcers-  apparently the citric acid from all the lemons I had eaten was not exactly healthy.  C’est la vie!


Cobra blood

I saw Leonardo DiCaprio do it in “The Beach”, so I thought it would be a good idea.  It was by and large not a good idea.  I don’t know what I thought it would taste like-  perhaps butterscotch, with a hint of snake aftertaste.  You know what it tasted like?  Blood.

I drink cobra blood

Cobra gall bladder

With a lasting effect similar to what I’d imagine cocaine would have on a person, this was interesting.  Cut open and dribbled into rice wine, it set my blood on fire, giving me the energy to run around and babble incoherently for several hours.  Afterwards, I fell asleep quickly and easily, awaking 8 hours later completely refreshed.  Interesting note:  I discovered it to be the perfect cure for jet-lag. Read more »

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