Create a new piece of art every day. Draw, sketch, paint, design, sculpt, write, photograph, film, or record something every day. It doesn't have to be great, it doesn't even have to be good- it just has to be a new piece you've expressed yourself with. It can be anything ranging from a simple doodle to a polished symphony, as long as it's new to that day. Don't worry, this isn't to impress anyone. Try different mediums, try different styles, and if you can't think of anything, scrawl on a bar napkin.
Simply create something new that you can keep a record of.


Much like February's challenge, let's try to explore ourselves a bit more. By making a daily habit of creating something new, you'll create a daily habit of removing yourselves from the stressors of your life. For a few minutes every day, you don't need to worry about bills, work responsibilities, or relationship woes. By creating one new thing every day, you'll have amassed a variety of skills and a body of work by the end of the month you may be suprised by.

Bonus points!

Take one of two paths:
Try a new medium every day. Not an artist? Maybe you just haven't found an artistic medium that speaks to you. There are literally hundreds of ways to create art, see if you can find something that tickles your fancy. Focus on one medium for the entire month. It's a common challenge in the art community to sketch something every day. Why? Because you'll get ridiculously good at drawing and conceptualizing shapes. Perhaps sticking with one method can help you hone a skill you've always wanted?

And while you're at it, see about sticking to the previous month's challenges! Can you use art as a way to build community and strengthen relationships with people met in January? Can you create art using February's skill? Can you take lessons at nearby studios discovered in March?


Art Styles Explained - A remedial view of some new visual art styles you might want to try!
Blick Art Materials - A good online shop for pretty much any form of visual art medium you are looking to experiment with. Recording Music at Home - A good place to start if you prefer audio
Worth1000 Contests - Stuck? How about entering a contest with some computer
generated art?

April was running a risk of stagnating for me.  I was trying to explore new art forms, but found myself mostly sketching, and rapidly losing interest.  Clearly it was time to turn to something more grandiose.  It was time to turn to film and video.

My friend Abigail Greydanus has been a large bastion of support for The Brave New, and needed content shot for an upcoming spot-  it seemed a match made in heaven!  She offered me the opportunity to shoot a short piece on her latex design services, and called me in to film her doing a fitting for a pop star and working with some latex.  Abby, hailed as the “Queen of Latex”, has worked with Katy Perry, Rihanna, and a litany of other celebrities, so I wasn’t sure who we were going to be shooting at first.

It turns out I had the good fortune to be shooting Skyler Stonestreet, who, if you are unfamiliar with her, is adorable.  Like, a baby rabbit having it’s way with a hello kitty doll level of cute.  I think it would be irresponsible of me to show photos until you’ve properly acclimated your body.

Corgi Nap

Okay.  That was pretty cute, right?  Feeling nice and limber?  Here’s some production stills of the shoot, courtesy of Isaiah Garnica.

Abby Measures Skyler
Shooting Skyler

So, I won’t spoil the surprise of the final project, but I’d say the shoot focused on three things:  Abby adeptly connected pieces of latex together to make various art-deco styled form-fitting wonders.  Skyler tries on clothing, occasionally and inexplicably breaking into the charleston.  Abby rubs Skyler down with silicon lube while Skyler wears form fitting and partially transparent latex dresses.  It’s a basic three act structure, really.  Just with more oiled latex and sartorial sexiness than film school prepared me for.

As soon as this short piece is edited, I’ll make sure to post it!

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