Take the entire month to create a single piece of work or art. Every day develop it a little further- your work can be undone, redone, and altered as often as you choose, but keep one singular goal in mind. What can you do when you focus your effort on writing a novel, recording an album, perfecting a painting, or stitching together an amazing costume? Remember, like all the goals of The Brave New, the point is to see what happens. The point isn't to force a magnum opus, but rather to let yourself go in pursuit of one thing.
Simply make one single new thing over the course of the month.


All too often in our frenetic lives we spread ourselves thin, frantically trying to accomplish as many things as possible and getting swept up in a wave of anxiety. Sometimes in an attempt to do as much as possible, we forget the beauty in focusing on doing one thing- and doing it well. Try to capture the meditative quality of pouring yourself into one goal!

Bonus points!

See if you can invoke a new skill you've picked up in the course of the Brave New to create this thing. What was the skill you picked up in February? Were there any people you met in January that inspired you to direct yourself somehow?

An Interesting Coincidence!

What-ho? It just so happens that November is also NATIONAL NOVEL WRITING MONTH? Feeling like you need a nudge to give you some impetus? Maybe NaNoWriMo is something you too would like to try your hand at!


NaNoWriMo.org - National Novel Writing Month! Join up with thousands of people who
support each other in the attempt to bang out a big in the month of November!

This novel is becoming a struggle.

I know words. I often employ them to explain how hungry I am. Occasionally I’ll also express confusion, sexual arousal, and other emotions I’m sure I have when I’m not experiencing those other three things.

However, now that I’m put to the test, I’m not wholly certain I don’t simply recite words I’ve heard other people say. There’s a good chance my entire lifetime of communication has been nothing more than a parlor trick.

My Little Pony Cthulu

My Little Pony Cthulu: shockingly relevent to the new chapter

I’d like to blame it on the economy. I really would.

Today is day 9, and, while I haven’t started my writing run for the evening, I’m hovering around 9,000 words. At roughly 1,000 words a day, that is WELL under where I need to be to finish a 50,000 word novel by the 30th.

So what to do?

I’m going to call Brett Ratner and ask him for tips on expressing myself with words.  I’m fairly sure he’ll simply offer, “Novels are for [redacted]

Also, picture relevant-  here’s a snippet of my second-favorite chapter so far. http://thebravenew.com/Chapter21WhereinShitGetsReal.pdf

It’s a Lovecraftian nightmare that will drive you to the brink of madness and back again.  Maybe then you’ll go on a leisurely stroll, returning to madness.  But by then, it’s old news, and you’ll return.  But then you’ll take someone on a date, and hell, they’ve never been there before, so even though you’re pretty bored with it, you’ll return to madness for a third time.  And your date will force a strained smile, but she can tell you’re bored with the whole thing, and that doesn’t make for a good date now, does it?

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