Learn to do something new over the course of this month. Learn it just for you. Learn it because it's frivolous, not in spite of it. Learn it because you wouldn't normally tackle this skill.
Every day, learn a little bit more about this activity, and see what you discover
about yourself.


You spent last month exploring the world outside of you by meeting new people, but now I challenge you to explore yourself a little. We're adults now, and sometimes we forget what that means- it's up to us to spend our time however we want, and enjoy it as we please. Too often we get caught up pursuing things to further our careers, to get something we want, or to impress someone. Let's see what happens when you take up something new just 'cause.

Maybe you'll get good at it, maybe not. Maybe you won't even enjoy it. If you don't, remember, you're just doing it for you.

Bonus points!

Try to keep up last month's challenge, keep meeting people! Remember, the skill is just for you, so don't think of it as a tool to meet people, just meet people on your own.


Did you know there are in excess of seven forty-two skills you can learn? And with two different genders, you can assume 84 possible combinations of gender-based skill approaches, assuming you are willing to get a sex change! Otherwise there are just around 42.


www.meetup.com - Meet other people who love what you're looking to do!
www.instructables.com - Let the internet instruct you!
www.ehow.com - How to do just about everything.
www.videojug.com - Like youtube, but just for instruction. Still early in it's growth.

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