Meet someone new. Meet them because they are interesting. Meet them because they have an enticing smile, an interesting tattoo, or stomped in a puddle with more vigor than you've ever seen. Meet them because you wouldn’t normally talk to them.
Simply have a conversation with someone you’ve not met before.


This is as much for the people you're meeting as it is for you. We're starting The Brave New with a simple challenge that may be the most important of the entire project, as it involves breaking down social walls for you and, to some extent, the people around you. Why, as a society, haven't we made a habit out of knowing the people around us? Nothing bad will happen, to put it simplistically.

Bonus points!

Make a friend. Make three friends! Make five friends! Don't make four friends. Four's a terrible number. In China, they don't have a fourth floor on most elevators, because the word for "four" sounds a lot like the word for "die". True story.

How many people that you meet can extend into actual relationships? Exchange phone numbers, email addresses, Facebook adds, and home address if you're so inclined, and don't if you're not. Remember, the world's not always a safe place, so use your discretion here.


… happening, fittingly but unintentionally, on the second. Same bat time, same bat channel, same bat ideas – but, different bat. As the Thai printed on a tee shirt, “Same same, but different!”

I am Nick, a friend Phil made in his pursuit of the Brave and the New. I’m one part Burner and one part Engineer; I’ve lived through twenty-five-and-a-half winters, and aim to keep it that way. My world is a strange one, and it’s my goal to make it stranger.

Alternate universes always have more zeppelins.

Per this self-imposed ultimately arbitrary format, here’s my personal take on this month’s theme of “Meet a New Person Every Day”:

  1.  I don’t generally have a problem meeting new people – unless, that is, I have no apparent reason for entering their reality. Networking event? Dating site? Walking up and talking to Speaker #3 at Event Where You Learn Something? Not an issue. Random stranger at the grocery store? Meeting people at a party before the person who’s invited me has introduced us? That’s frightening. Random people in the world, by and large, might disagree with me. Might not like me. While my worldly evidence indicates the contrary as the likely, I’m still afraid of that outcome. It’s a silly fear, and one I’d like to do without.
  2. I’ve been living in a little bubble of weird. I love it here, it is an amazing place, and it is filled with the fantastically awesome. But I’m not really leaving that bubble, which means there’s a lot of even this city I just haven’t seen, and a lot of awesome out there I have no idea exists. So I’m not just going to got out and meet someone new – I’m going to go out and meet someone I otherwise would never have met.
  3. I leap to conclusions about people more than a bit too quickly. One of my most favorite people in the world, when I first saw her, I thought, “Crazy hippie chick…!” Thing of it is, her, and all the people I’ve met through her, are the sanest (and amazingest) people I know. So when I see someone, and think this or that of them – well, that right there is the perfect time to go get some experimental data.
  1. Meeting people out of contexts where you’re supposed to meet new people is strange and frightening. Do it.
  2. Meeting the people you wouldn’t normally meet is how you find those people you wish you’d met earlier. Do it.
  3. Meeting the people you judge from afar is how you find out how bad you really are at judging people from afar. Do it.


Today I was shaved by a stranger. My beard, a fixture on my face since senior year of high school, has gone the way of toilet paper, courtesy of one Trevor Redacted, a friend of Phil’s. I met this fellow when our collective celebrations of the new year (unanimously agreed to contain “something momentous and unknown”) had left us exhausted, able to do little more than throw chocolate and watch movies – all of which is my bad excuse for barely getting to know the fellow – but we summoned up the where-with-all to traverse to the commode; camera, electric razor, and beard, and one of those, we left behind.

Everybody knows that your facial hair is the opposite in the alternate reality


written by Nick

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One part Burner and one part Engineer; I’ve lived through twenty-five-and-a-half winters, and aim to keep it that way. My world is a strange one, and it’s my goal to make it stranger.

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