Rediscover something from your past. Visit a place from your childhood where you felt safe, eat a meal your parents used to cook for you, or visit an old friend who changed your life. Do it because life may have moved you away from these things, but that doesn't mean they're gone forever.
Try something you haven't experienced in 5 or more years, because
old is the new new!


You've spent the last four months meeting, creating, exploring, and learning- let's take a minute to remind ourselves of who we are. Remember, who we are and who we become is founded on who we once were. There are elements of everyone's life so far forgotten that rediscovering them can be life altering. Some activities may have been menial, but we lost sight of them when we "became adults". Isn't it time to find these again? See what this voyage of rediscovery brings to your life!

Try things that may not have been fun, but were given up on because they were difficult.

Maybe you won't even like these things anymore. But it's about trying, isn't it?

Bonus points!

Keep up the previous month's challenges! If you meet up with old friends, take them to do new things!


That guy who was a jerk to you in middle school is currently getting bitten by raccoons out behind an Arby's dumpster. I did the research, so I know it to be true. You should probably go help him out, I hear raccoons carry rabies.


FaceBook - Track down old friends and stak your exes*
*please do not stalk your exes. The Brave New in no way condones online stalking of that girl who got away. The one who you went on a few dates with, but then she moved away, and you're pretty sure if
she just saw how awesome you were, she'd realize you were meant to be.

Go Fly a KiteThis month we’re taking a slight deviation from the tasks of blasting into undiscovered frontiers.  This month, let’s explore who we once were.

I once read a book, I’ve forgotten what it was long ago, that detailed the shock of growing up.  A girl lamented that she thought she’d hit an age where she announced, “I’m an adult now!” and just put her toys away and started doing adult things.  But to her dismay, it didn’t work that way.  Instead, she just gradually lost interest and, worse, forgot about her whimsical passions.  There was no memorable end, no moment of fond rememberence as the past departed.  She, like many of us, just… forgot her youth as it gradually slipped away.

Have I done this?  Have you done this?  What has been lost to us as the years and responsibilities have stacked up?  Let’s find out!

I’ve started pounding out a list of things I haven’t done since certain milestones in my life.  I completed college a little more than 6 years ago. High school a little less than 10.  Middle school, 14, elementary school, 16…  What are some of the things I took great joy in that I’ve lost track of?  What challenges did I face that I couldn’t complete?

Here’s the start:

  • Eat Blue Box Macaroni and Cheese
  • Visit my first girlfriend/first kiss
  • Write the girl I had a life-altering conversation with on the bus 10 years ago going from San Bernadino to Denver.
  • Play tennis, rediscover the joys of sportsball.
  • Drink rare swiss soda not found in America, a unique flavor I haven’t had since I left Switzerland in 2001
  • Go to the Harbor House Cafe, favorite study spot in college
  • Play Magic: The Gathering
  • Awkwardly call a girl for a first date.  Get rejected.
  • Drink chocolate milk from a carton.
  • Play basketball in a drop-in game at a public court.  Possibly the one in Boyle Heights.  May get stabbed more than I did in childhood.
  • Read a Goosebumps… “novel”.
  • Play clarinet.
  • Eat costco 3 cheese ravioli with arbor mist wine.
  • Play Super Ghouls N’ Ghosts on SNES, and this time… BEAT IT!
  • Play ultimate frisbee
  • Attend a foam party (if they still exist outside of the forum of orgies)
  • Play bass guitar for a pop punk band.

To my surprise, when I was looking for a picture for this article, I googled “Looking back into childhood” and checked out the image search results, and, low and behold, some of the things on this list ended up in the top results.  Apparently Super Ghouls N’ Ghosts has plagued others as well.

Right now this list seems more about my childhood than my teen years, or even early twenties, so I’ll need to marinate more.  Tonight, I meet up with my first kiss, who happens to have just moved to the Los Angeles area!  What a coincidence!

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