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I haven’t drawn in a long time.  And, looking at these sketches, that’s pretty obvious.  Note that this weekend, I wasn’t warming up before drawing… hopefully some quick gesture drawings before I sink into an art piece will help in the future.

Interesting note, while I was sketching my friend Cassie, a 5-6 year old boy approached me and commented that I was a “good drawrer… for using just one hand!”  At first I was like, “Yeah, I’m totally an art ninja.”  But then I got to thinking about it-  do many people dual wield whilst drawing?  Am I retarding my abilities by using just my right hand like a sucker?  Is this 5-6 year old some sort of mystic teacher, serendipitously emerging just when I need advise the most?   Only time will tell!

Quick sketch of Cassie

Quick Sketch of Eric Playing Video Games

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