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Today’s Rediscovery: Listening to the first real “electronica” song I ever heard.

Why: Around 14 years ago I’d bought a CD at random from the used CD rack of Wherehouse music, by an artist called “The Orb.”  Little did I know it was going to change my life-  this marked the entrance to the world of electronica, which has taken me to countless odd underground shows and clubs, allowing me to meet literally thousands of some of the most interesting and positive people I have ever met.  I did not stick to a taste in trance, and this was both the first and last trance album I believe I owned.

How Long HAS it Been: ~8 years since last hearing this track.

But More Interestingly! I thought this song was oddly symbolic of this month’s project.

Why is it most people have different memories of the skies they viewed as children?  Did you know the majority of people claim that there were more thunderstorms when they were kids?  Almost everyone recalls the colorful sunsets that painted the twilit skies with a saturated fury lost in the annuls of time-  no sunset viewed as an adult could ever match.  Why is this?

Of course, this is not always the case, but by and large, many seem to either play up the skies of their youth, or play down the skies of adulthood. There are three explanations as I see it:

There’s an idealization of childhood experiences.  Much as people remember high school as the “best days of their lives” , there is all too often a “the grass was greener back then” attitude developed by adults-  almost a form of pessimism, yearning for glory days that never existed.  For some odd reason, this seems more appealing that hoping for days yet to come.

There’s also perhaps a certain inclination to be jaded as the years slip by-  you’ve seen the skies countless times, and you forget to notice them nowadays.  It’s not necessarily a bitter lessening of appreciation, it’s that your conscious mind no longer sees relevance to the particular subtle weather patterns that once were so intriguing.

So what is to be taken from this?  Simple!  Tomorrow, take a minute to stop and stare at the clouds.  Remember what the skies were like when you were young, take note of the beauty you have today, and image the beauty of the thunderstorms tomorrow!

Oh, incidentally, it’s raining right now.

Meet JamesHave you ever had one of those nights where you just need to cut loose, set yourself on fire, and dance?  …. No?  Weirdo.  Well, for a ever-growing number of counter-culture adventurers, this is becoming an exciting past time.  Alright, one typically does not light oneself on fire, the flames are confined more to tools of choice, and the dancing is really just any form of performance-  but it’s still pretty cool.

Deep in the urban jungle of Culver City, California, a handful of fire performers gather every Wednesday night to stay warm, no pun intended, with their flame skills.  Rope darts, Somoan fire-knives, sabres, staves, batons, fire-fingers, fans, polynesian poi, and various other firey instruments are broken out and , in accordance with NAFAA rules, whirled around viciously.  In the midst of this, I met James, a talented performer and a man with a vision.  (Video after the break)

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