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Goosebumps is hard 2 raed lulzToday’s Rediscovery: Read a Goosebumps “novel”

Why: RL Stine was a prolific author during my childhood-  his horror series “Goosebumps” spawned a lifelong interest in horror for me.  Honestly, I was reading Steven King novels by the time I was in fifth grade, so these were a brief stopover until I could get my paws on some real literature, but they were important nonetheless.

How long HAS it been: ~18 years?

What were they then: I don’t remember much, just that the covers were a lot scarier than the stories contained therein.

What is it now: I’d like to report that this was a frivolous and easy task, that I blew through the entire book in 20 minutes, uninterested and unstimulated.  Sadly, after picking up “Say Cheese and Die” from the children’s section of my local library, I found it to be… surprisingly engaging.  Sure, the characters were undeveloped and far too many of the sentences end with exclamation points, but overall it’s a story I’d enjoy reading to a child, and a story I enjoyed for myself.  It was like a campfire story told by someone with a mild case of fetal alcohol syndrome. Read more »

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Phil WarrenPhil Warren (81)
Founder and editor of The Brave New, Phil Warren is now an accordion player, a minister, a sonic weapons expert, a director, a photographer, a public speaker, and a bunch of other things. Mostly he's an adventurer though. An adventurer who smells nice. Except when he doesn't.
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One part Burner and one part Engineer; I’ve lived through twenty-five-and-a-half winters, and aim to keep it that way. My world is a strange one, and it’s my goal to make it stranger.

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