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Welcome, Brave Newbies, to March!  As we welcome spring, I thought now would be as good a time as ever to encourage us to explore our own neighborhoods a little.  This challenge can change drastically based on where you live, so if you need to explore where you work instead, that’s okay.  What wonders does the area in which you spend most of your time hold?  I challenge you to find out, because I think you might be surprised.

I really think a person can accomplish this challenge easily limiting themselves to one mile, or, in Los Angeles, probably even a half mile, but I wanted to make this accessible to those living in less dense areas.   I’m going to try to stay within a mile, but that’s an extra goal.  So, let’s embark on the challenge to visit a new place within two miles of where we live or work every day.

Using the radius-around-a-point map tool I went ahead and plotted out a map of what falls exactly within 2 miles of my apartment, even though I’ll try to stick to one.  Note that since the average person walks 3.25 mph, you can expect to walk a mile in around 20 minutes, or 2 miles in around 40, so it isn’t an unthinkable time investment to endeavor to walk this.
My Range of Exploration
Using Yelp, I then came up with a list of places within 2 miles that are open once I get off work.  The list was longer than I thought.

Then I ignored all of the above and simply wandered into Atwater Village to let the night take me where it would!  Next up, the adventure that ensued.

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