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A Nervous Baby OctopusToday was the first time I’ve ever tried mixing colors with acrylics.  I learned a few things:

Painting is stupidly time-consuming.  Seriously, wouldn’t this have taken me like 10 minutes on a computer, instead of 3 hours with acrylics?

Painting is stupidly messy.  At work tomorrow, there will be questions as to whether or not I’m a six year old.  I’m pretty sure the amount of paint I applied to myself will not come off in the shower, no matter how many brillo pads I use.  And I typically use 3 or 4.

Blobs can be labelled as “octopii” with very little blowback from the octopus community.  Seriously, who’s gonna defend the species and declare the amorphous, though hopefully a little adorable, blob I just painted is not a proper octopus?  If it’s you, well let me deliver a pre-emptive bit of bribery.  Here’s a cookie.

Overall though, this offered exactly what I was hoping the project would-  an impetus to get over the anxiety of starting a piece using a medium I’m ostensibly poor at.  I’m actually pretty happy with the output.  Plus I got to use my ridiculous new magnifying glass!

Finishing Up a Painting

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