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Sometimes the stresses of life can add up.  I hate to admit it, but I’m not immune-  all the adventuring in the world can’t make me ignorant to the fact that adult responsibilities exist and are kind of a drag.  Today I had oral surgery, a full day at the office, and, believe it or not, the stresses of not having been keeping up this blog are weighing on me as well.

After work, I wanted to go home and sleep.  I wanted nothing more.  But part of me realized that wouldn’t really be productive-  that’s not me;  that’s not how I deal with things.  So I decided instead I should wander.

Pink Arrow Points the WayI started on the south east corner of Griffith Park and just walked.  I walked up through the burnt down remnants of the old LA zoo, which has a nice paved path.  Along the way I noticed pink arrows stickered to the pavement.  At a certain point the paved path curved around a fence, but there was a break in the fence. A pink arrow pointed through the break in the fence.  Far be it from me to ignore the advice of a random pink arrow, so I climbed through.

On the other side of the fence there were some dirt trails.  No further pink arrows were to be found, so I just started hiking.  I hiked until the trails became sparse, and every time the trail split I took the narrower choice, in holding with Robert Frost.  Interesting note about Robert Frost:  There is absolutely nothing interesting to note about Robert Frost.

The trails stopped looking like trails at a certain point, and the path I was on began to resemble some sort of naturally occurring drainage channel just a few inches wide.  An older gentleman passed me, coming down, however, so I assumed people were supposed to be here.  I contemplated talking to the man, who looked frighteningly similar to the man from Pixar’s “Up”, but decided that wasn’t really the point of the adventure.  I was doing this by myself, and there was a 50/50 chance the man was an organ thief anyway.  What?  You weren’t there.  You didn’t see him.  Totally an organ thief.

I hiked until I ran out of trails.
Then I began to climb.

I wasn’t sure where I was going, but the steep hillside probably would lead to the top of something.
Then it got steeper. Read more »

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