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People from Every Walk of Life

Few, if any, of the people I met this month were actually legos. But if they were, this what they might have looked like.

There’s a lot of things I learned about myself and about meeting new people.  Thoughts were developed with friends on the psuedo-sciences of attitude in society, and how it factors in with making new friends.   It’s truly astounding what happened by the end of January.

Unexpected Positive Consequences

Constant socialization and adventuring snowballed, and rapidly reshaped my attitude in day to day life.

  • I was doing far more outside of work than usual, but to my surprise, I was getting far more done at the office.  I was out almost every night meeting new people, but the quality of my work was at a caliber that led to many compliments from my boss.  So, I’m proud to report my project has not gotten me fired.
  • I’ve lost weight, oddly enough.  I don’t know why that happened, I sure wasn’t trying for that, but it seems a healthy pattern of socialization is good for the body.
  • I’ve picked up new books, new skills, and new information from the people I’ve met.  I now know how to sew, can enjoy Alan Watts, and have eaten a wacky variety of vegetarian Indian food I would never have though to try, thanks to Renee, Matt, and Cassie, respectively.
  • I’ve been able to find out about jobs, which I’ve been able to pass on to new and old friends alike.
  • I’ve made more than a few PHENOMENAL friends.  One I talk to almost every night, and several that I hang out with regularly. Read more »

I… I can’t believe it’s over.  I have to admit, I feel like I lost some of the zeal near the end of the month, as pressures of the working world ate up more and more time, and my head cold continued to wear on me.  I forged onward though, and let’s take a minute to review everyone met this week.

Monday - Louis sold me a taco at a local fast-food restaurant I am embarrassed to name.  Surprisingly, he made conversation with me, which, after 12 hours in the office, was something that did not come as easily.  We shook hands and made small talk, which may not have been meaningful, but was a good deal deeper than I was expecting.

Alex and Beth

Meet Alex and Beth

Tuesday - I was lucky enough to attend the premiere of season 2 of my favorite cartoon, Archer, and was able to hobnob with celebrities and eat the finest of chedders at the reception afterwords.  There I met a fellow named Alex, who was my guest’s friend from high school, and his girlfriend Beth.  Beth was incredibly interesting, and lent me some valuable advice on success in life:  Just keep moving!  Says Beth:

You have to keep moving until you can see that tiniest pinprick of light at the end of the tunnel. If you stop moving, then you’re in the darkness… lost.

Read more »

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