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Let’s revisit some of our treasured childhood movies, shall we?
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Today’s Rediscovery: “The Music Box”

How long HAS it been? ~24 Years

Why: I don’t remember much before the age of 4, but some of my earliest memories of media were of black and white films, mostly silent, featuring a fat man and a skinny man.

What was it then: I dimly recall watch a fat man and a skinny man being funny. I’d laugh, clap my hands, and be ever so delighted. Heh. Fat man and skinny man. Wooooo boy, it can’t be funnier to a 4 year old, unless a fat man and a skinny man hurt themselves in cartoonish fashions.

What it is now: A fan man and a skinny man hurting each other in cartoonish fashions. I didn’t clap as much this time. I’m also not wholly sure this is the same fat man and skinny man I witnessed when I was a kid.

Notes: This is not… quite as entertaining as I barely remember it to be. Also, I have NO IDEA if this was even a movie I’d seen before, or if this was the correct fat/skinny duo. This was a struggle, trying to recapture a memory so far gone in the past. I think if I marinate on it a little more, I can find the specific movies I once saw…

Today’s Rediscovery: “The NeverEnding Story”

How long HAS it been? ~20 years?

Why: I honestly can’t remember when I saw this last. It wasn’t anytime in or beyond middle school, but I do know this was a pivotal part of my youth. Just listen to this song, and tell me you don’t feel like you just freebased some childhood memories:

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