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[Redacted] lights up with a mouthful of N20Tonight is a true underground like I haven’t seen in years. It’s thrown in a t-shirt factory, from what I could gather, with the door run by a mid-pubescent girl. The closest thing to organization is the young boy pleading to stop going in and out the unmarked steel front entrance.  There is no security, no set of rules to follow, and no limits to the social interactions that can ensue. The guy throwing it probably doesn’t remember me, but he’s loosely in my group of friends and goes by [redacted]- a 38 year old who looks 29 . Someday I’ll get a chance to have a real conversation with him, but tonight is not that night.

But I digress. So there’s the shirtless latino with the shaved head. He goes by Flash. He’s becoming convinced that I’m a cop or something.  I suppose I shouldn’t wear pink button-downs and linen blazers to raves.  Or ever. He starts yelling something about the educated white boy. He’s actually quite nice though, we talk for a bit and no one shanked, shiv’ed, or steaked anyone.  He still refers to me as “inspector Phil” though. Read more »

Meet JamesHave you ever had one of those nights where you just need to cut loose, set yourself on fire, and dance?  …. No?  Weirdo.  Well, for a ever-growing number of counter-culture adventurers, this is becoming an exciting past time.  Alright, one typically does not light oneself on fire, the flames are confined more to tools of choice, and the dancing is really just any form of performance-  but it’s still pretty cool.

Deep in the urban jungle of Culver City, California, a handful of fire performers gather every Wednesday night to stay warm, no pun intended, with their flame skills.  Rope darts, Somoan fire-knives, sabres, staves, batons, fire-fingers, fans, polynesian poi, and various other firey instruments are broken out and , in accordance with NAFAA rules, whirled around viciously.  In the midst of this, I met James, a talented performer and a man with a vision.  (Video after the break)

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Phil WarrenPhil Warren (81)
Founder and editor of The Brave New, Phil Warren is now an accordion player, a minister, a sonic weapons expert, a director, a photographer, a public speaker, and a bunch of other things. Mostly he's an adventurer though. An adventurer who smells nice. Except when he doesn't.
NickNick (6)
One part Burner and one part Engineer; I’ve lived through twenty-five-and-a-half winters, and aim to keep it that way. My world is a strange one, and it’s my goal to make it stranger.

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