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I Tame Land Sea LionsToday’s Rediscovery: Awkwardly call a girl for a first date

How long HAS it been: ~10 years?

Why: Since the era of “getting digits” has somewhat ended, as adults we don’t have such awkward, jarring transitions through social interactions. This practice has, thank god, gone the way of the dodo.  Nonetheless, there’s no forgetting the timeless classic move that we all bludgeoned our way through as we came of age.

How was it was like then: Awkward.  Heart pounding, palms sweating, tantamount to going skydiving.  Dial 7 or 8 numbers, get too nervous to continue, hang up.  She gave me her phone number in calculus, she definitely wants me to call, right?  Right?  But what if she doesn’t want to go do whatever the hell it was we did in Colorado on dates?  Seems a great idea until faced with the harsh reality of the situation.

How is it like now: Awful.  Really, really awful.  I don’t wanna talk about it, internet.  Let us never revisit or speak of this ever again.  In fact, let’s retcon this event, and pretend I tamed a land sea lion in the name of The Brave New.  And yes, we do have sea lions on land.  We call them land sea lions.  I tame them.

Notes: I can’t even chalk this up to failure, reattempting this horrible experience made me realize how far I’ve developed socially, and how far most of us have come.

It so happened on this first night I meandered into Dave’s Accordion School, 1/2 a mile from my apartment.  Seeing as last month’s challenge to learn a new skill had brought an accordion into my arms, this seemed as good a jumping off point as any.
Dave of Dave's AccordionI was greeted by the titular Dave, who had an impressive arsenal of squeezeboxes on display.  Accordions from all over the world covered every available inch of the store, yet had obviously been placed with a meticulous care.  Dave explained that he’d been playing since he was 9, and had started in this business when he was 26.  The store has now been running for 40 years, and is going strong, offering lessons AND the only competent accordion repair in LA county.  Dave did not inform me of this last bit, but a woman on the pier had mentioned him on Sunday.

When I told Dave I was interested in learning French waltzes, he sat down and began playing party of a waltz.  However, the door swung open mid-song, and Dave caught the eye of a gentleman who walked in and transitioned into a bold Latin American tango, then slowly began to weave in a more European theme.  Well, rather than me explain it to you, see for yourself.

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Below are two clips from February’s climactic street performance.  I promised that, no matter what shape my accordion skills were in at the end of the month, I’d do a street performance, and I delivered!  It was better than I feared it could be, but worse than I’d hoped it would turn out.  Ultimately, the performance was exactly what it should have been:  Fun.  Nothing more, and nothing less.

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In this social experiment, I often wonder what’s the creepiest possible way one can meet another human being.  In today’s adventure, I’m pretty sure I found it.  Photographing them inside a dark cavern is a clear winner.

While exploring the Bronson caverns near the base of Mt. Lee, home of the Hollywood sign, I was photographing friends.  I got overzealous with the camera, and accidentally photographed two girls in the caves.  So, like any adventurer, I loudly proclaimed “I’M CREEPILY PHOTOGRAPHING STRANGERS!” and snapped another photo.  Then I introduced myself, and, to my surprise, they didn’t mace me.  The laughed and talked to me for a bit.  Their names were, and probably still are, Jackie and Nicole.

Also, I got this photo!

Best place to meet people? Dark caves

Best place to meet people? Dark caves

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