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PriestToday’s Rediscovery: Going to See a Movie By Yourself

How Long HAS it Been: ~9 Years

Why: Unlike previous rediscoveries, this one was not one of nostalgia.  It was to repenetrate a social barrier that I need to constantly remind myself is ridiculous.  Seeing a movie in theaters by yourself makes sense, yet most people never do it.  Why?  If you go to movie theaters to talk with your friends, you’re an asshat, plain and simple.  Short of saving on popcorn and performing the tried-and-true awkward arm-stretch maneuver with your high-school sweetie, there’s no reason to go to the movies with people, I guess.  As proven in January, movie going is not really a social experience.

What Was it Like then: Similar to nervously asking a girl out on the phone in high school.  I went once during some down time at a debate tournament, and it was nerve wracking.  What if someone in the movie stood up, pointed, and tilted their head back to scream whilst inhaling, ala Invasion of the Body Snatchers?  For the first 10 minutes, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I shouldn’t have been there.

What is it like now: Priest was pretty epic.  For a post-apocalyptic sci-fi western vampire movie about a disgraced catholic martial arts expert, it was every bit the explodogasm and intellectual journey one would expect it to be.  I felt like I was unable to nudge people around me knowingly during awesome lines, though there were never any moments of “We’re going to need more holy water”.

Notes: I should do this more…  Except that ultimately I’m beginning to forget why I should go to the theaters at all.  The digital revolution has left me with an arsenal of movies that make it somewhat dumb to go to the theater at all.  So maybe there’s not much to learn from this after all?  Yeah, I think it’s that.  Sorry to have wasted your time folks.  Welp, best be hittin’ the old dusty trail…

Season of the Witch is a terrible way to meet peopleUpon procuring advanced screening passes to Season of the Witch, I naturally assumed I’d embark on an adventure of epic proportions.  Swordfighting alongside Nick Nolte, I’d have amazing tales of glory and make lifelong friends who share the unbreakable bond of witch-slaying.  Then I realized that Nick Nolte and Nic Cage were seperate people, and relearned the difficult lesson that movies are not the same as real life.

Reeling from the Nick Nolte != Nic Cage revelation, I was put in a rather dour mood.  I didn’t feel like talking to anyone.  Given we were in a movie theater, no one felt like talking to me, either.  At this point, another revelation dawned on me:  Going to the movie theater is not a social experience.  Not one bit.  Damn you Nic Cage! Read more »

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